When driving on a winding country road it is impossible to see what is happening on the road ahead.

Suddenly your Volvo warns you: there's an accident ahead.

As you calmly slow down and take the next turn, you see a crashed car in your lane.

Thanks to the warning, you were prepared and had the opportunity to react.

This will be possible thanks to Volvo Cars' revolutionary technology for connected safety, which already warns drivers about accidents.

Volvo Cars is introducing another pioneering connected safety feature, where for the first time cars can alert drivers to incidents directly using real-time data from a traffic management centre.

It will be available in compatible Volvo cars in Europe, starting in Denmark.

In order to help drivers avoid collisions and traffic jams caused by an accident ahead, the function is designed to immediately warn the driver of a traffic accident several hundred meters ahead.

Location data is provided by national road authorities and compatible cars, which it shares with other Volvo cars, writes Dir.

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"Using our innovative connected safety technology, the Forward Collision Warning feature can help Volvo drivers avoid unpleasant surprises while contributing to safer roads for everyone," said Ossa Höglund, head of the Volvo Safety Center Cars.

"Thanks to our collaboration with the Danish Road Administration and other partners in the Road Safety Data ecosystem, we can introduce this new feature and continue our leadership in safety innovation," added Ossa Hoglund.

Volvo Cars' industry-first connected safety technology, which was introduced in 2016, uses Volvo's cloud based on real-time data.

It allows Volvo cars to communicate with each other and warn drivers of nearby dangerous road conditions.

Likewise, drivers can now be warned of incidents ahead, regardless of the time of day.

In the future, the integration of more traffic data shared by other partners in the European Road Safety Data ecosystem is planned, including national traffic management centers in other countries and cars from other brands.

For safer roads, Volvo Cars is calling on more road authorities to share anonymous accident data and I encourage other car manufacturers to join in offering similar technologies.

Needless to say, Volvo Cars is committed to sharing connected safety data for others to integrate into safety features and will continue to do so.

"We are delighted that Volvo Cars is the first car manufacturer to start using our new real-time traffic accident data channel," said Steen Bendsen, head of the Danish Traffic Management Center at the Danish Road Directorate.

"Quick forward incident warning gives the driver more time to reduce speed and increase the distance to the vehicle in front. This helps reduce the risk of subsequent collisions and protects the people working to clear the road," added Steen Bendsen.

Volvo car owners can easily contribute to road safety by opting in to data sharing, which is activated using the "Connected Safety" option on your car's central display.

The car will then be able to warn the driver of an incident ahead using the hazard lights on the dashboard or head-up display, if available.

Only necessary information will be shared with other cars and the data will be anonymized to ensure your privacy.

Forward Collision Warning is currently available in Denmark for all Volvo 40, 60 and 90 series models. It will soon be available for the same models in more European markets.

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