Since March, some carriers have been raising prices for tickets from Minsk to Warsaw and Vilnius.

For example, if earlier it was possible to get to the capital of Poland for 130 rubles, now a ticket can cost even 200 rubles.

Office Life tried to find out what caused the price increase.

The cheapest ticket in March from Minsk to Vilnius, which I managed to find, cost 80 rubles.

The most expensive — 140 rubles.

For example, "Minsktrans" offers tickets to Vilnius for 125 rubles on March 5.

It used to be 25 rubles cheaper to get to the capital of Lithuania.

At "Intercars", the price for the same date on the same route starts from 95 rubles, the maximum is 125 rubles.

At Ecolines, the same option will cost 140 rubles.

Tickets to Warsaw have also become more expensive: the same "Ecolines" offers a trip in March for 200 rubles (at the end of February, the ticket cost 130 rubles, if you buy it a few days before departure, you could find options for 90 rubles).

"Intercars" asks for 130-140 rubles (it was 105 rubles at the end of February).

The prices of foreign carriers are even higher.

For example, Eurolines offers a trip from Minsk to Vilnius for 36-41 euros (122-139 rubles).

However, you can find a ticket for March 5 for 115 rubles.

A trip to Warsaw with a transfer is possible for 60 euros (204 rubles).

Reasons for growth

The reasons for the increase in prices, which the carriers mention, are the closure of two more crossings on the border with Lithuania from March 1 and a reduction in the number of regular flights.

Before these events, domestic carriers could provide more attractive prices for tickets due to good turnover.

Now the situation is different.

At the same time, the Lithuanian side announced that it will reduce the number of permits for regular flights for Belarusian and Lithuanian carriers to 29. Non-regular transport must also have a permit for transportation.

Another reason for the increase in the price of tickets is the desire to equalize the prices with the offer of foreign carriers.