The Cotton Buyers Association (TCA) has thanked President Samia Suluhu Hassan, for starting the Build a Better Tomorrow (BBT) project which has started to bring great success in the crop.

The buyers have said that through the project, in this year's season of cotton cultivation, the government has provided the extension officers from the project who have been distributed in the villages.

The party's secretary, Bozi Ogola, speaking to HabariLeo today in his office in Bariadi, said that the extension officers have been sent to villages and counties that did not have these experts before.

Ogola, who is also the manager of the Alliance Ginnery cotton ginning factory, has said that the introduction of the extension officers has begun to bring productivity, as farmers are taught good farming and their farms are regularly inspected.

"As buyers, we are very grateful to President Samia, one of the biggest challenges in cotton farming and contributing to the collapse of crops is extension services, we are very grateful to the government for this idea, now we are going to increase production and the farmer will benefit from cotton" said Ogola.

He noted that through the extension officers, since they have arrived in the villages, they have visited many farmers and started instructing them on how to prepare the fields, how to spray poison, as well as the best way to preserve their crops.

The Cotton Inspector of Bariadi and Itilima District, Saidi Itaso speaking about the extension officers, said that the government through its BBT project decided to send the experts to the areas that are in great need.