MPANDA, Katavi: Head of Mpanda District, Jamila Yusuf has asked traders in Katavi region to adhere to the indicative price of sugar of Shs 3200 per kilo and not to be there to sell the citizen more than the indicated price.

Speaking during the reception of 30 tons of sugar in the Katavi region, the head of the district has admitted that there was a big challenge of sugar in the district, so the arrival of those tons will significantly reduce the challenge while other sugar is waiting to enter the district from next week.

Head of Mpanda District, Jamila Yusuf

The leader has also asked the citizens to provide information in case they are sold at a different price than the one directed and whoever is found to be selling against that price will be taken legal action.

And, the Assistant Administrative Secretary, Industry, Trade and Investment Office of Katavi Regional Commissioner, Florence Chrisant said that from next week the region will receive 214 tons which will completely eliminate the problem of sugar shortage by 100 percent in the region.

However, the people of Mpanda have thanked the Government for seeing the challenge while asking for more sugar so that the challenge does not repeat itself.