In March, the currency market will see changes almost every day.

Courses can both increase and decrease.

This will depend on the NBU's tactics aimed at market liberalization.

Taras Lesovy, head of the treasury department of Globus Bank, said this in a comment to RBC-Ukraine.

"In particular, we are talking about observing the regime of "managed flexibility" at the interbank with free exchange rate formation, but with periodic intervention of the regulator to achieve a balance between demand and supply," the banker said.

According to him, the volume of financial injections to the interbank is unlikely to change significantly.

It is expected that they will remain at the level of 2.5-3 billion dollars.

The expert believes that the "leading" role of interbank exchange rates will remain: on the cash market, exchange rate formation will be based on the indicators of the non-cash market with the addition of the commission of financial institutions.

The expected rate of change at the interbank will remain within

0.2 hryvnias, up to 0.5 hryvnias

in commercial banks,

up to 0.7 hryvnias

in exchange offices.

"In general, the situation on the market will be very similar to January-February. This applies not only to the strategy of the NBU, but also to other interconnected factors that will shape the market," he emphasized.

As previously reported, the National Bank has strengthened the rules for buying foreign currency.

What has changed now - read HERE.

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