Astronomers have discovered three previously unknown moons in the Solar System - two of them orbit Neptune and one orbits Uranus.

Small moons far from our planet have been observed using powerful ground-based telescopes in Hawaii and Chile, the International Astronomical Union announced.

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With them, the known moons around Neptune become 16, and around Uranus - 28. One of the newly discovered moons of Neptune has the longest orbit known so far.

The solar system is "unusual" in the universe

The natural satellite makes a full orbit around Neptune in 27 years, said Scott Shepard, an astronomer at the Carnegie Institution of Washington who participated in the study.

Astronomers have found three previously unknown moons in our solar system - two additional moons circling Neptune and one around Uranus.

— The Washington Times (@WashTimes) February 24, 2024

The newly discovered moon of Uranus, with a supposed diameter of only eight kilometers, appears to be the planet's smallest natural satellite.

Astronomers have found a new moon around Uranus and two orbiting Neptune – the first moons discovered orbiting these planets in a decade and the faintest ever spotted

— New Scientist (@newscientist) February 23, 2024

"We assume that there are many more small moons that have not yet been discovered," the astronomer said.

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