Nearly 80 billion dollars of direct and indirect losses are suffered by the Ukrainian agricultural sector because of the Russian invasion of the country two years ago.

This is according to data from the Kyiv School of Economics, BNR reports.

The total value of destroyed assets was $10.3 billion, according to the survey data from February this year, according to which this is an increase of 18% more than the estimate in April 2023. The biggest losses were in damaged and destroyed agricultural machinery, which amounted to 5.8 billion dollars, or 56.7% of all losses.

Foregone farm income and increased production costs have more than doubled since the previous review to nearly $70 billion.

Ukraine condemned the destruction of grain by protesting Poles

According to experts, the damage caused by the theft or destruction of already produced grain and oilseeds amounts to nearly 2 billion dollars, another almost 2 billion are losses due to damage to grain storage facilities, and damage to permanent crops reaches almost 400 million . dollars, in animal husbandry they exceed 250 million dollars, and in aquaculture and fishing - 35 million dollars.

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