The arrival of Baba Marta at the beginning of March is undoubtedly one of the most Bulgarian holidays.

All Bulgarians start preparing martenits for themselves and their loved ones weeks before, and the tradition of decorating them, with wishes for health, warms the soul and always brings a positive emotion.

When choosing martenitsi, we try to prepare with ones that will appeal to the recipient.

The market offers many options in the form of bracelets, brooches and home decorations.

But why not be more unconventional?

Here are some ideas that will make you stand out for the holiday!

Martenitsa for a car

The love for the car is inexplicable for some, while others accept it as their second home.

Often the male audience finds things to improve and how to make their favorite vehicle look better.

Car enthusiasts would surely be delighted if you gave them a white and red ornament to put on their rear view mirror.

And why not combine the beautiful with the useful and give a martenitsa flavoring as a gift?

Martenitsa or fashion accessory

If you are a fan of fashion or have loved ones who follow all the trends, think about getting a stylish accessory in white and red.

In this way, you will be able to combine fashion and tradition by opting for a bag, scarf or hat inspired by Pijo and Penda.

The best part is that whatever you choose, it will be able to be used in styling after the holiday. 

Smart girl

If you wear a smart watch in your daily life, the A1 Smartwatch is the most suitable option for you.

This year, A1 combines tradition with technology and offers special straps for smart watches inspired by Baba Marta and the custom of pinning Martenitsa with wishes for health throughout the year.

The telecom offers Smartenits as a gift with every smartwatch, part of a special selection of models from top brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi.

The smart device can also be purchased separately at a price of BGN 14.99.

The exclusive accessory can be purchased from A1's physical stores, as well as on the company's website at

Customers can choose from five types of custom bands to suit the main smartwatch models on the market, with Samsung and Huawei in 18mm, 20mm and 22mm sizes, and for Apple fans, the following sizes are available – 38/40 /41 and 44/45/49.

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