In Ukraine, a certain list of people of retirement age has the opportunity to receive a 100% discount on the payment of housing and communal services. Yes, pensioners who worked in certain specialties and live in rural areas are entitled to a full discount on utility bills, the purchase of solid and liquid stove fuel, as well as liquefied gas.  

The Pension Fund of Ukraine writes about this.

The former have the right to use the benefit, within the established norms:

However, such a benefit is not granted to family members of the beneficiary.

Under what conditions is the benefit granted?

The benefit is granted if the average monthly income of the family for the previous six months, calculated per person, does not exceed the amount of income that gives the right to a tax social benefit. 

From January 1, 2024, the amount of the tax social benefit is 4,240 hryvnias.

The benefit is granted within 12 months from the month of determination of such right. 

Necessary documents:

In order to assign a benefit to pensioners, it is necessary to provide:

We will remind you that

in March pensions will be increased by 1 thousand hryvnias in Ukraine, but not for everyone.