The shadow on the native Black Sea coast this summer will probably cost us more. The reason - for the last two years, the state has increased the concession contracts of beach owners by nearly 25%.

"We cannot optimize the staff, because these mandatory activities, they are under our contract and we cannot not hire them. The ways are - one - to raise the price of an umbrella and a sunbed, the other option is to raise the rents of the establishments. This will reflect on the end user, with us are the beachgoers," said Nikolay Dimitrov, deputy chairman of the Association of Sea Beach Concessionaires, BNT reports.

On the other hand, there will not be a drastic increase in the prices for overnight stays in hotels, as was observed in recent years. The prices of the hoteliers' basic consumables have remained the same. There will be a minimal increase due to the increase in the minimum wage.

Hoteliers are preparing a new jump in prices along the native Black Sea coast

"The main feather in employers' expenses are seasonal workers. But in no case can we talk about a drastic increase, colleagues say that between 5 and 10% both hotel accommodation and overall vacation will become more expensive at this stage ", comments Hristina Slavova, Burgas Regional Tourist Chamber.

According to experts, it is shaping up to be more expensive in the south of Burgas, where at the end of the season the region was hit by a water disaster.

"Some hotels certainly have an increase in prices, but it is not only because of the investment they have made. The idea is for the business to look more strategically - to see that it is not insured and to be able to get property insurance." said Konstantin Zankov, tourism expert.

And hoteliers advise - the earlier we book our summer vacation, the cheaper it will be.

"We have been concluding contracts since May, June last year for this season. Discounts start from a few percent and reach 30%. There may be more, but it depends on the policy of each colleague. This month, February, for example, they can enjoy up to a 20% discount," said Yancho Parushev, hotelier, member of the Owners' Union in Sunny Beach.

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