Information agency "Pozirk" cites these preliminary data of the National Bank.

Export of goods and services amounted to 47.8 billion dollars (2.1% growth compared to 2022); import of goods and services amounted to 47.3 billion dollars (12.1% increase compared to the previous year).

The positive balance amounted to 480.7 million dollars — 9.5 times less than it was according to the results of 2022 (4.5 billion dollars).

Foreign trade turnover last year was at the level of 81.8 billion dollars; export of goods — 39.3 billion dollars; import of goods — 47.7 billion dollars; negative balance - 2.3 billion dollars (in 2022, it was positive - 385.1 million dollars).

According to the data of the National Bank, the foreign trade turnover of services for 12 months amounted to 14.1 billion dollars; export of services — 8.5 billion dollars; import of services — 5.6 billion dollars; positive balance - 2.8 billion dollars.

According to the forecast of the socio-economic development of the country for 2023, the increase in the export of goods and services was supposed to be 5.5%, but it was 2.1%.

  • The National Bank (NBB) and the National Statistical Committee (Belstat) calculate the foreign trade balance in different ways: the National Bank takes into account the financial flows of exporters and importers, Belstat - customs statistics. Therefore, the accounting figures differ slightly.

  • According to Belstat, foreign trade in goods in 2023 amounted to 83.4 billion dollars (NBB - 81.8 billion dollars), according to Belstat, exports of faces reached 40.1 billion dollars (NBB - 39.3 billion dollars), import of goods according to the statistical committee amounted to - 43.2 billion dollars (NBB - 47.7 billion dollars).

  • According to Belstat, the negative balance in trade in goods for 2023 amounted to 3 billion dollars, according to the NBB - 2.3 billion dollars.

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