At the moment, the sewage treatment plant in the village of Sinemorets is not functioning, which is why the wastewater is discharged untreated into the existing sewage shaft, and from there into the sea bay. This hinders the tourist activity on the territory of the municipality, as well as the livelihood of the locals. This was said by the mayor of the Municipality of Tsarevo, Marin Kirov, who today participated in a meeting of the Regional Council for the Development of the Region in Burgas, the press center of the regional administration reported.

Kirov pointed out that the Black Sea is a state border and wastewater treatment should be a priority not only for the municipalities, but also for the entire Southeast region, as well as for the state.

Plans for integrated development of Kameno, Sungurlare and Tsarevo municipalities were discussed at the meeting. The proposal of the Municipality of Tsarevo to declare the reconstruction of the treatment plant a project of regional importance was unanimously accepted.

Beach concessionaires angry with the state

Apart from Sinemorets, the villages of Atia, Varvara and the city of Ahtopol are without sewage treatment plants along the Southern Black Sea coast.

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