Every country must have its own AI infrastructure in order to take advantage of the technology's economic potential while preserving its own culture, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said at the World Government Summit in Dubai. reported Reuters.

"You can't let others do this for you," Juan said.

Nvidia has rapidly reached an unimaginable market capitalization of $1.73 trillion thanks to the company's dominance of the artificial intelligence chip market. Huang pointed out that the company is "democratizing" access to artificial intelligence due to the high efficiency of the technology. "But the rest is up to you," he pointed out.

In his words, the fears of artificial intelligence are exaggerated and he recalled that in the past new technologies such as cars and airplanes, which gave rise to similar fears, were successfully regulated.

US Commerce Secretary: NVIDIA should sell China chips to accelerate artificial intelligence

"There is an interest in scaring people and shrouding the technology in mystery to discourage people from working with it and relying on others to do the work for them. I think that's a mistake," Juan said.

After the US imposed new restrictions on the export of artificial intelligence chips in October, Nvidia said it was working with its customers in China and the Middle East to obtain new export permits for new products to comply with US rules.

Nvidia will report its results for the last quarter of 2023 on February 21.

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