Another meeting begins with the Minister of Agriculture Kiril VatevKiril Vatev is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Meat Processors and owner of. Two of the branch farmers' organizations that continue the protests are with him for negotiations.

In the afternoon, the final version of the agreement should be signed, in which the compensations and the promised legal changes for the farmers are recorded.

"Here we stand those non-governmental organizations from the agrarian sector that were not allowed to the negotiations. Which, according to the minister's opinion, are not real and which are not convenient", pointed out Vencislav Varbanov - Association of Agricultural Producers, BNT reports.

Kiril Vatev after his meeting with the farmers: Everything agreed on Friday was finalized

"The minister lied again yesterday in the statement: "They didn't want anything from me, they want my resignation"... We wanted what we wrote, and we have not a single answer, not a single one. Neither from the MFA, nor from the prime minister. My farm is 3 km from Romania. How am I different - to whom should I sell the milk, that they would prefer to cross the bridge and take 780 euros per cow, there according to the three tied subsidies that are available?" asked Dimitar Zorov - Association of milk processors.

"This time the protest will not be peaceful. My colleagues and I take responsibility, we apologize to the public. Our people are convinced that this must stop. We are immediately appealing to the Prime Minister to go and work together to save Bulgarian agriculture", comments Boyko Sinapov - United Bulgarian Livestock Breeders.

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