I don't know if the politicians also have a hand in the farmers' protests. This is what former Minister of Agriculture Mehmed Dikme told BNR and added that he is Boyko BorisovBoiko Metodiev Borisov is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria. He was born on June 13, 1959 a month ago, i.e. even before the protests, he said that there was a ready man for the position of the Minister of Agriculture: "I don't know how true this is and whether the politicians have a hand in these protests."

"Grain production is the backbone of Bulgarian agriculture, it is the basis of Bulgarian agriculture," said Mehmed Dikme and specified that whoever neglects grain producers is not aware of the matter, because all other branches of agriculture are related to grain production.

He stressed that he supports the protesting farmers and described their demands as reasonable: "If they only wanted money, I would not support them, but I see that they want clarity about their business - what will happen next. ... There should be predictability, not to give money to quell the tension, but temporarily".

Minister Vatev and branch organizations are discussing the signing of an agreement with measures to help farmers

To sit down at the table and make a clear strategy and for farmers to have a vision for the development of the industry, proposed the former Minister of Agriculture Dikme and pointed out that the politicians - both the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Assembly - should take their responsibility for the development of the industry.

According to him, only common demands of all agricultural producers can achieve something: "If they are separated, it will not happen. There are things that are not decided in Bulgaria, but in Brussels. With joint efforts, more compromises can be achieved and much better conditions for Bulgaria".

In his words, the dialogue between the Ministry of Agriculture and the organizations from the agrarian sector has been interrupted: "Until the rotation, the time is very short to seek a consensus". 

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