In January 2024, prices in Belarus increased by 0.8%, and for the whole year, from January 2023 to January 2024, by 5.9%, Belstat reported.

Thus, for the first month of the year, the acceleration of inflation amounted to 0.1 percentage point — for 2023, inflation was 5.8%.

In January, the price of vegetables continued to rise in Belarus, which was the trigger of inflation last year (by 6.4%), fruits - by 2.5%.

Shoes and air transport services have become cheaper.

The leader in terms of price growth in January was legal services — they rose in price by 8.1%.

In a conversation with Svaboda, Belarusian lawyers claim that the tariffs for lawyers' services have not changed. But in connection with the growth of the basic amount, the notarial fees for issuing a power of attorney have increased. Issuing a power of attorney for a close relative costs one basic amount, for another person - two basic amounts. If last year the cost of a power of attorney for a relative was 37 rubles, then in 2024 it will be 40, and the cost of issuing a power of attorney for another person has risen from 74 to 80 rubles. This increase is just 8.1%.

According to Svoboda's source, notary services have entered the consumer basket, which is formed on the basis of a set of the most popular goods and services among the population and on the basis of which inflation is calculated, due to the growth of their popularity among people. The popularity of such services has gained, among other things, in connection with the mass departure of the population. Citizens who are planning to leave or have left the country, more often write out powers of attorney, because it will no longer be possible to do this abroad.