The American Journal of Transportation writes about it. 

"The cargo of casing and drill pipes was delivered directly to the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk. It was the first time since the Russian invasion in 2022, at least in public records, that a foreign vessel managed to arrive at a Black Sea port with anything other than grain. Until that time, ships with non-grain cargo avoided the port, fearing enemy actions," the magazine said.

Vorex reported that the process of delivering pipes for the needs of the Ukrainian gas industry during the war was an extremely difficult process, and the personnel responsible for delivering the goods performed their work under fire.

"I cannot give an example of a more difficult operation in all the years of my work in business. In some places, ours were so devoted to their work that we had to literally tame them. Pipes were unloaded at enterprises where explosions from Russian rockets were literally heard across the road," says Fedir Zakusylo, a businessman of Ukrainian-American origin, founder and president of Vorex.

The publication quotes the words of Zakusylo, who notes that the company's commitment comes from the company's awareness of its obligations to Ukraine and the understanding that the pipeline is crucial for Ukraine's energy sustainability and ending Russia's dominance in the supply of natural gas to Europe.

Also, the publication of the American Journal of Transportation clarifies that it took 14 months to order, manufacture and prepare the pipes weighing 22,000 tons, for which four bulk carriers were used, and another eight months for delivery. 

Logistics Plus and Vorex employees worked from five countries to fulfill the order for Ukraine, the publication said.

Vorex is a supplier of oil and gas equipment from the USA, which won a contract for the supply of pipes for the Ukrainian state-owned gas production company "Naftogaz of Ukraine" at a public auction, the American Journal of Transportation explains.

Earlier, the mass media reported that the joint-stock company "Ukrgazvydobuvannya" (belongs to NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine") on February 8 achieved the highest daily production since December 2018 - 38.54 million cubic meters. m of gas.

As you know, Vorex supplies casing and drill pipes for JSC "Ukrgazvydobuvannya" as a result of public auctions won on Prozorro.