The Metinvest Group, together with the DTEK Academy, developed and introduced a unique training course for employees on the adaptation of veterans to a peaceful life - "Heroes nearby". Specialists in the field of psychology and personnel management, military psychologists, as well as veterans themselves participated in the creation of the course: they shared their experience and gave sound advice. Within the first wave, the program will cover 1,200 managers of the company's enterprises in the regions of presence. 

The company says that almost 400 employees have already returned to work after demobilization, and over time there will be more and more veterans at the enterprises. These people strengthen teams, because during the defense of Ukraine they acquired new skills - leadership, the ability to work harmoniously in a team, orientation to results and mutual assistance. However, the heroes need time and support to recover from the events experienced at the front and rejoin the labor collectives. 

It is labor teams that play an important role in the successful adaptation of veterans, but maximum involvement in this process requires certain knowledge. That's why Metinvest has developed a unique training course for veterans' adaptation for employees, which includes various training formats: electronic simulators, infographics, video lessons, etc. For this, they used the experience of the best foreign corporate programs aimed at supporting veterans. 

Currently, 1,200 managers are taking the "Heroes nearby" course. It will involve managers at all levels and will take place in several stages. The course consists of seven modules, designed for seven weeks. The modules contain practical video lessons that will step-by-step help in the adaptation of veterans, understanding their needs and strengths. It contains recommendations on how to build an effective dialogue with a veteran in a particular situation, how to help him cope with negative emotions. Will teach how to better help demobilized colleagues with socialization and adaptation, etc.

Soon, an adapted version of the program will be developed for all Metinvest employees, so that all enterprise teams will receive the relevant knowledge.

"Along with helping defenders who continue to defend Ukraine at the front, we focus on supporting those who have already returned from the front and started working at Metinvest enterprises. For this, the company is creating an entire ecosystem of veterans' integration into a peaceful life. Attention is paid to the health and psycho-emotional state of demobilized workers. The successful adaptation of veterans is a big responsibility and a common path that we will overcome together," says Tetyana Petruk, director of sustainable development and interaction with the personnel of the Metinvest Group. 

As you know, more than 10,000 employees of the Metinvest company have passed through the ranks of the Armed Forces or are currently in the army. Also, the company has many disabled people returning from the war. Therefore, in 2024, the company will implement many programs for the support and adaptation of veterans, developed together with Americans who have extensive experience in this issue.