Everything we agreed on on Friday was finalized today with lawyers to make it look decent. Basically, there are no new things. On Monday at 12 o'clock the protesting representatives of two organizations will come, I will also meet with them. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Kiril Vatev, after the meeting with the farmers, which lasted more than four hours.

"United Agricultural Producers" and "Bulgarian Farmers' Union" wanted a meeting and will come to the ministry. The others came, we tried to have a meaningful conversation, they said it was too late and they are coming to ask for my resignation", the minister pointed out.

There are some rules that we imposed and some people don't comply. If I show you the list of trade organizations that we wanted to legitimize with: last accounting meeting, membership table, paid membership fees three years ago, which indicates that you have permanent members, your heads will hurt. On the other hand, the rules are like this - anyone who sent a request for a meeting with certain problems and proposals came and we had a conversation, Vatev specified.

A representative of the farmers explained that it was a technical meeting.

"A list of things on Friday has been sent to the Council of Ministers. We await the results from there. You will learn about the finalization of the agreement on Monday afternoon, when we expect an invitation to the Prime Minister", he pointed out.

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