Greek households are limiting their spending on holidays because of inflation. However, mass charity campaigns are carried out with the participation of municipalities, private companies and the church.

A survey by the Union of Consumers shows that 84% of Greeks are struggling to cover their expenses during the holidays, and 89% are looking for lower-priced goods. Most of the funds from the family budget 33% of Greeks spend on food during the holidays, limiting themselves to buying gifts.

At the same time, Greeks massively participate in charity actions to help socially disadvantaged families. A lot of funds are allocated by municipalities, companies provide free food for pensioners. This year the church is a big donor, giving money and food for the poor. From the Christmas bazaars schools also participate in a charity campaign.

Today, the Ministry of Transport announces that ticket prices for urban and intercity transport are increasing by 9%, but subscription cards remain at the same price.

Due to a labor crisis: Greece is ready to accept up to 30 thousand. Migrant

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