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With an unloading mix of fun and knowledge for the whole family, the new year will begin on bTV.

From January 1, every weekday evening at 20 pm, the presenter Alexander Kadiev will ask curious questions to both teams in the TV quiz, led by actors Militsa Gladnishka and Hristo Padev. In each episode, the two captains will find a solid foothold in the face of a popular person with whom they will fight to the end not only to take the victory, but also to the collected money in the show to go to the audience that supports them.

Here's what a new show on bTV will lead Sasho Kadiev

The task of Militsa and Hristo in "Who knows?" will not be easy. The questions in the quiz show are unique, curious and very entertaining. Every day viewers and participants will learn something new or explain facts that they have never thought about. This non-standard approach will also be applied to the answers, which will be illustrated with a short explanatory clip or visualization in the studio. It is on the answers to the questions that the course of the game will depend, which will affect the dynamics, entertainment and tension that will keep viewers chained to the small screen.

"Who knows?" by the British company Fremantle is the latest production with which bTV will give a positive and fresh start to the new year. With it, the media confirms its ambition to present quality entertainment content, combined with the accumulation of knowledge, which gathers the whole family in front of the screen.

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