Serhiy Chernenko, FUIB's Chairman of the Board, emphasized: "Veterans returning from the war to civilian life need help in adapting - the opportunity to rediscover themselves, to increase the level of competitiveness in the labor market. High-quality training is the key to both advanced training and mastering a new profession. Our soldiers deserve education in the best universities of Ukraine, such as the Kyiv School of Economics University. And Ukrainian business, including FUIB, is already preparing for the employment of talented defenders."

FUIB made a donation during a charity auction – Artur Zahorodnikov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the bank, purchased the lot "From those who liberate us, for the sake of those who lost their homes". Physical discovery of the lot: the sculpture "Freedom is our weapon", provided for auction by the unit of the Center for Special Operations "A" of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The bank's team does not stop investing in the youth of Ukraine after the full-scale invasion. FUIB systematically provides institutional support to the Kyiv School of Economics, thanks to the bank's help, dozens of KSE students have already received grants for higher education.

It will be recalled that during the charity evening "Sustaining Ukraine Through Education", Ukrainian businesses and private philanthropists raised $537,934 to support education during the war. The event took place in Kyiv on November 19 and was held by the KSE Foundation.