The highest salaries among Ukrainian cities are traditionally offered in Kyiv.

This was reported by the publication "OBOZ. UA" with reference to the data of a large personnel portal.

In large cities, employers offer Ukrainians wages ranging from an average of UAH 14,000 (in Sumy) to UAH 21,300 (in Kyiv).

For example, in the capital, they are ready to pay the most to C++ developers (specialists who fully know the intricacies of the C++ programming language) – an average of UAH 110,000. The least – to the heads of circles, UAH 6,700.

Almost the same as in Kyiv is offered in Kherson – an average of UAH 21,000. The largest amount, according to a large personnel portal, for military personnel is an average of UAH 72,500. The smallest one is for cashiers, UAH 11,200.

In third place is Lviv, where the average salary offered is UAH 19,300. Most of all, they are ready to pay military personnel – an average of UAH 75,000. The least: cleaners, UAH 10,000, organizers, teachers-organizers – UAH 10,500.

And the lowest salaries were recorded in Sumy – an average of UAH 14,000. Here they are ready to pay:

Minimum wage in Ukraine 2024: amount

At a regular meeting, the government adopted a budget for 2024. Therefore, it is already known what the amounts of the minimum wage, subsistence level, etc., can be.

If we talk about the size of the minimum wage in Ukraine, then from January 1, 2024, the minimum wage will change.

The minimum monthly wage from January 1 may be 7100 UAH. From July 1, 2024 — 8000 UAH.

So, in 2023, the amount of the minimum provision per person is 2589 UAH. And in 2024, it may increase to UAH 2920.

Earlier, the NBU reported that in Ukraine there was a tendency to increase the demand for labor. Against this background, Ukrainians began to increase their salaries.