This week's hot topic must be due to the advice of a group of media friends after Victoria Harbour Investment's co-founder Chow Kaixuan attended an investment forum, mentioning his life partner and mentor, and Li Ka-shing, the founder of the Cheung Wo Department, had already warned the economy in January 2021 that "the rain is coming", reminding Zhou Kaixuan to be fully prepared. After Ms. Chow poured it out, she recalled that she had been investing in the same two or three years and that it was the same as the Victoria Harbour Investment, and she knew how much weight there was behind the 1 words!

This quote comes from the Tang Dynasty poet Xu Hun's "Xianyang City East Tower", which means "the mountain rain has not yet arrived, and the wind has blown all over the Xianyang Tower", which is a metaphor for the situation will change significantly. Zhou Kaixuan said that Brother Cheng had already been by his side in January 2021, "I talk about it every day, and I am shocked when I talk about it."

Golden sentence 1, "The mountain rain is coming, the wind is full of buildings"

Although Brother Cheng said that "the economy will plummet in the future", listening to Miss Chow's speech, at that time, people actually did not believe it, "Many colleagues who graduated from the school have not been able to call me, but Mr. Li called, it is not easy to point out the time and the dead line."

Indeed, looking back at the beginning of 2021, the Hang Seng Index is hovering at the level of 3,<> points, and the US Federal Reserve has not started to raise interest rates. In this "good time", suddenly there is a person who says "the mountain rain is about to come and the wind is full of buildings", will you believe it?

Brother Cheng looked down on the rescue of eighty percent of enterprises

But Brother Cheng's great wisdom is to say that he has predicted that the US Federal Reserve will tighten monetary policy in a few years, from almost zero interest rate to more than 5% in the middle of this year, and they are all good to decide "Li Shengming", listening to Brother Cheng's words to call on all companies to extend the reserve funds, as a result, 80% of the companies followed, "Save their lives!"

This kind of wisdom is also a reflection of the longevity and the system. Taking Cheung Kong (1113) as an example, if we compare the four major developers with the debt ratios of other companies continue to rise, on the contrary, Cheung Kong holds net cash, and Chairman Li Zeju even said that with the group having a large amount of cash, interest rate hikes can generate additional income.

Moreover, Cheung Kong began to sell a number of projects last year and continued to save money through selling. For example, it sold 124 Broadgate, a commercial building in London, for about $5.332 billion, and sold its aircraft leasing business for $208.21 billion. By the end of the year, the luxury residential project and parking spaces on Pak Lao Road in the middle of the mountain will be packaged and sold to a Singapore consortium, cashing out nearly <>.<> billion yuan, although the final transaction was cancelled, but <>.<> billion yuan was ordered!

When the silver bullet is sufficient, the next step is to "get to the bottom", and as the property price falls, it will "sweep the goods" to absorb the land reserve. After watching a series of transactions, the lamp god has actually estimated Brother Cheng's point, but it is not estimated that it is the department, it has been "deployed in advance", and it is arranged to be sunned in the morning!

The sharp reversal of the ultra-calm era of Hong Kong's four major families "anti-interest demon" Cheung Kong net cash became the winner| Hong Kong 01

"The government should consider institutionalizing the official counsel"

Zhou Kaixuan also mentioned that "in ancient times, there were also counselors who played every day, and perhaps half of the counselors did not die well, but this is a system worth considering." He also said, "My colleagues in the company admonish me every day, talk to me about everything, and find the truth in the debate." If the company fails, it will lose its investment at most, but if the policy fails, the society will pay the price.

In order to avoid the "price" paid by the society, in fact, Brother Cheng himself has been a counselor all day long, "admonishing" all walks of life, just like the 2016 Mong Kok riots, he mentioned that "the melon of Huangtai, how can you pick it again"; By 2019, when the wave of protests triggered by the amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance continued, he placed advertisements in several newspapers under the headlines "A Hong Kong citizen Li Ka-shing", reiterating that "the melon of Huangtai, how can you pick it again", but also wrote "The best cause can be the worst result", with an illustration indicating "no violence", the words "the best cause can be the worst result" printed on the top, and the words "love China, love Hong Kong, love yourself, love freedom, love tolerance, love the rule of law" are written on the middle sides.

There are different interpretations in society, some think that Cheng Ge is aimed at the government, and some think that it is aimed at young people. In a written response to media enquiries at the time, Cheung Wo said that Li Ka-shing believed that the voices and messages given to the government by young people in Hong Kong were "deafening", and that the government was also trying its best to find solutions.

In addition to speaking out and doing things, he supported medical care many times during the new crown epidemic and donated supplies; The Li Ka Shing Foundation has also contributed to the medical field for the benefit of the public on many occasions.

North China Flood|Li Ka Shing Foundation Donates 3000 Million Yuan for Disaster Relief Li Ka-shing Foundation and Cheung Kong Group Donate $8500 Million to Support "333 Primary Teacher Training Programme"Li Ka Shing Foundation Donates New Sailing Boat to Help People with Disabilities Stay in Accommodation and Sail Experience|Windonna Li Ka Shing Foundation Donates $1 Million to CUHK Faculty of Medicine Set Up Fund to Promote Innovative Biomedical ResearchCheung Kong Group and Li Ka Shing Foundation Join Hands to Support Community Chest Timely Anti-Epidemic Fund Li Ka Shing Foundation supports private hospitals to increase their holdings by 5 million yuan and donates another 1000 million yuan to residential care homes: Wind and rain on the same road epidemic|Food Angel has suddenly reduced manpower and stopped collecting leftover food Li Ka Shing Foundation subsidizes purchased food ingredients and meals


Zhou Kaixuan mentioned on the forum that everyone "never get stuck" because being trapped is a terrible nightmare. When asked about the recent downturn in the stock market, she reminded that the most important thing is not to "get stuck", as long as you don't get trapped, it doesn't matter, "But if it's Stuck, your nightmare has just begun."

Because he didn't want everyone to be "Stuck", Cheng Ge reminded that there was no "bright village" and that foreign investors still had reservations about Hong Kong, so they should be cautious at present, and even "take care of themselves" in Teochew dialect.

Fourth, live happily, live well

Recently, everyone has been pessimistic about Hong Kong's prospects, and some people have even used the term "ruins of an international financial centre" to describe Hong Kong. Zhou Kaixuan said sadly, "People talk about it, and we do two things, Live happily, live well in Hong Kong, is the best publicity for Hong Kong."

She also borrowed Cheng Ge's views on long-term development, "Long run is made up of a lot of short runs, if you really do long run, you actually have to build a lot of Superior Flexibility, and you will get the goal of long run first." This means that after setting a long-term goal, you must be flexible and flexible to achieve your goal slowly.

The condor heroes of the business world patted the upper and pointed out the country

Talking about the wisdom of Brother Dacheng, it is time to talk about the relationship between him and Zhou Kaixuan. Usually, most of the media use Brother Cheng's "confidante" to describe Zhou Kaixuan, and rarely talk about the friendship between the two people from Zhou Kaixuan's perspective.

At this FII PRIORITY Asia Summit, she rarely used life partner and mentor to introduce Brother Cheng! In 1993, when only 32-year-old Zhou Kaixuan met Li Ka-shing for the first time, the two discussed the project at the Beijing Palace Hotel, namely Oriental Plaza, and thus became acquainted. It has been reported that it only took five minutes for Zhou Kaixuan to get Li Ka-shing to nod his head and agree to the investment, and even entrusted her with the demolition and relocation of the entire project.

In 1999, when the Internet boom arose, Zhou Kaixuan proposed to Li Ka-shing to establish TOM .com; in 2007, Zhou Kaixuan persuaded Cheng Ge to invest $6 million in Facebook (now Meta), and Facebook's listing brought Li Ka-shing more than $000 billion.

As for the emotional aspect, it has been reported that the City University of Hong Kong awarded Li Ka-shing an honorary doctorate, and Zhou Kaixuan personally recorded him; Brother Cheng received a doctorate from Oxford University, accompanied by Zhou Kaixuan, and there were even people who saw the two of them interlocking their fingers in Europe. Recently, the two appeared together publicly, and in 2020, the two met Jennifer Doudna of the University of California, Berkeley, who won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry by video!

For a long time, the two have been like the "Condor Heroes" in the business world, and this time they once again borrowed the help of media friends to guide the maze in troubled times, and borrowed Zhou Kaixuan's words, everyone should not be too pessimistic, "live happily, live well in Hong Kong!"


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