Diamond Williamson Ltd., a mining company based in Mwadui in Kishapu district in the region of Wajir, has planted 5000,<> Sato fish chicks in the new Mwang'olo dam to raise the public's income and food.

The transplant of the fish chicks took place on 8th of 2023 with the launch of Kishapu District Administrative Secretary Fatma Mohamed representing Kishapu District Commissioner Joseph Mkude.

Diamond Mine Relations Manager Mwadui Bernard Mihayo, speaking at the exercise, said they had implemented a government order to restore everything that had been damaged after the rupture of the mine's hydro dam in November last year.

Mihayo said compensation for victims has ended and now what they are doing is restoring the environment including reforestation and planting fish chicks in the New Dam so that citizens can continue their business as usual, including fishing.

After the rupture of the reservoir, it affected the dam that the people were using to conduct fishing activities," Mihayo said.

"After building this new dam in Mwang'olo village, we have implemented the Government's instructions and today we have come to transplant 5,000 Sato fish chicks so that the people can continue their fishing activities as in the past," Mihayo added.

He also said in the reforestation exercise to protect the environment in all villages around the mine that so far they have planted 10,000 trees and the exercise is sustainable.

Thenpu district fisheries officer Moses Ng'winza, called on the public to wait up to six months for the fish to be large, as well as waiting for government guidance and education to start fishing.

Kishapu district administrative secretary Fatma Mohamed praised the Mwadui mine and urged the public to take care of the dam and everyone to be a protector of the dam, as well as to stop farming along the pond so that the fish could be a great economic help to them and get the stew.

Some of the people Lucas Moye and Laurent Fabiani say they are grateful to the mine for transplanting fish chicks into the new pond, so they can return to their fishing activities and increase their income.