According to KOL, the Hong Kong stock market has been falling, the index has been ahead of Taiwan, and the total market capitalization is lower than India, and the fifth place is not guaranteed. KOLs may not know that if they use the stock market to comment on a place, Singapore may be at the bottom of the list, because the turnover of Singapore's stock market is only S$10 billion a day, how can it challenge Hong Kong and even make Hong Kong a ruin of an international financial center. Therefore, it is fundamentally misleading to talk about a city's economy based on the stock market alone.

As you know, although the Hong Kong stock market is sluggish, it has no impact on Hong Kong's economic environment and people's livelihood, and it is even much better than some places where the stock market has risen sharply.

KOL said that if the economic environment is good, Hong Kong people do not need to go north to consume, KOL does not understand, when it comes to consumption, that is, there is spare money to do, if the stock market falls and Hong Kong people have no money, it is better to buy food and cook at home, and then go north to consume.

KOL may not know that Hong Kong people's attitude towards stocks is a small note, if not a professional investor, will not be blind to buy stocks, since it is a small bet, even if you lose, it will not affect your personal life, do not talk about the economic environment, as for those professional investors, stocks are just gambling equipment for them, their hearts are biased towards CBBC and other derivatives, but don't worry about those investors, they are very careful, no matter the rise or fall, will stop earning or losing within a small range, even if the gambling loss is limited.

In case the stock market rebounds, Hong Kong's economic environment will be better, and in fact the stock market has the ability to rebound, many listed companies have only 4% of their net asset value, if it is 8 percent, the Hang Seng Index will double, even if it is 6 percent, the Hang Seng Index will still rise by 50%, KOLs may not tell the truth, they will take advantage of the dip.

【Financial Column】Tang Wenliang|Chief Executive Officer of Jihui Group

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