Adaptation to climate change is a guarantee for more competitiveness in modern tourism. Zaritsa Dinkova is Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria in charge of the COP28 panel discussion in Dubai, UAE.

"We should all focus our efforts in this direction, because Bulgaria has all the prerequisites to become an attractive sustainable destination," Minister Dinkova emphasized.

Our country has already made significant progress in this direction, added Minister Dinkova. In 2023, 21 Bulgarian beaches and 1 marina have been awarded the world standard "Blue Flag", one of the most recognized voluntary awards in the world for beaches, marinas and boats for sustainable tourism. In addition, 11 Bulgarian hotels have been awarded the "Green Key" certificate – the leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable functioning in the tourism industry. She gave a good example with one of the leading Bulgarian resorts Albena, which is presented as a best practice for waste management, local food and renewable energy.

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According to Minister Dinkova, the opportunities for interactive presentation of the underwater cultural heritage of the Black Sea to create a diverse tourist offer and sustainable use of cultural heritage are enormous.

"The future of tourism is greener, more innovative, more sustainable and more inclusive. Our main priority is to develop and promote Bulgaria as a preferred destination for sustainable year-round tourism – this cannot be done without protecting our Black Sea coast. More importantly, this cannot happen without developing in sync and with respect for the nature around us, "said Minister Dinkova.

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