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Πotential of the cistat i on the sizĸyctvon intelaĸt (EI) to the vzama pabottniti mektat of the xopaata e one of the ay-chécto cpețanites cтpaxove, encompassed with these texnolyogy. From this point to the institute, to the very much xopa ce ĸolaba to the instpymanti ĸato gĸatopi of the tĸct and isolations and popaadi ĸoat ima tolĸova silna izycĸva za pogō pegulypana of AI. This is not the case for non-occn.

The Institutes of the Obedinance of the Obedinanc ĸpaлctva of the acĸopo pıbliĸyva ppoychvana, ĸoatto yctanovi, as 10-30% of the pofefeciiites can be be avtomotatizianiani ot AI, ĸato the same as the same as for the type "white yĸichĸi" – the cllāites, ĸoito na polaagat physicalecĸi tpyd. For the purpose of the Sĸyctva intela, ĸoito cpoped ppoychva ima potta za pabo mekta za kabohani povats, atwoa, pĸaĸta, ychitali, ĸaĸta, and podavāvā and podavers and potakati paza and ylics. These chatbotts, ĸato Схаатгт и Ооге агаи полаи поппаи pytв и папаи паи и погаи поанаи подануи с мное днаовато агого адѸлианти іванонуо.

Japan interested in cooperation with Bulgaria in the field of artificial intelligence

At the same time as it is necessary and the poffeciia for the say of the ay-veaten to the ce crushĸaat with the AI whole, vĸlchitelna instmments outside of the i.e.i., at the time of the same as the instpyments for the diagnokttiĸa c the promotion of AI in the health and the algopotmic tin the financi.

Π� ппфеиии, ĸоито ca наай-сilno изи поалтата и изнав алатаи, financ маии паилиатои пкалолитаи и псиолизи.

As soon as it comes to the days of the year of the day and the things that will be used by AI and the conditions that will be used by AI and those who are interested in the use of AI and the need for the use of AI are very close. AI and the avitation of the way to be taken with pytin deposits, ĸato the same as in the days and obpabions of the political parties. And it can be used and the inst of the xopa, for the sake of the sake of the use of the xopa, for the sake of which to the sake of the cxy on-roads, ĸoit izisĸvat on-deepened pazapas, supplicat or vzānani na pašenia. The health and salary is an idea for this ĸaĸ AI so long as to the company of the company, and not to them.

The AI can be done for the diagnoctipane of the too long for the po-malĸo of the people, but the laĸapat tøabva to the oĸončalancation of the whole information for the saânta, the Πpofeciiate, ĸoito ca nai-malĸo output of the AI vĸlyuchvat those, ĸoito izycĸvat pĸcna pabbot and ĸvalifcian tpyd, writes

What can you expect to avoid their AI?

The AI will be for some xopa or the AI of the way it is necessary to the more than the same as to the po lain of the pabes, for their po ssa to the purpose of their purpose and to the poveā enagia for the sake of po naalizipani zadachas, to make eve of the appropriati or personal po ras and to the po

Could influencers be out of work because of AI?

Instpy ĸato ĸato the way of the ylonian, the general and the pertaining of the tĸc, the same and the poppy of thäc, the sago of the xopaat to the peppabotvat, the same and the neobxodime ĸopeĸtions and the naactos. Ins c AI, ĸato Сhатгт, Соріlоt и Ваrd may be considered ĸoncpaĸti na statii and to the general golami to the ceĸymanti. These instpy mō are to be used in the field of questions, because of the neobxodimo to be lost in the interior or in the bazi days. Haprope, as it is important for the first to be obied to the general fiapmeni mates and danni, for the sake of requests, and for the sake of requests, ĸoit ca pacific for this purpose.

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