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Tech giant Meta will begin end-to-end encryption of messages on the Facebook and Instagram platforms, the Wall Street Journal wrote on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

This week will begin the transition to end-to-end encryption of Facebook users' messages, with the process taking several weeks.

Direct messages on Instagram will also be covered by the default encryption a little later, possibly in the new year.

So far, there was no response from Meta to a request from Reuters for comment on the matter.

Why are Facebook and Instagram employees going crazy?

The change means Facebook and Instagram users won't have to enable encryption themselves, allowing messages to be seen only by those who send them and their addressees.

Meta, whose Watsapp platform already encrypts messages, says the encryption ensures users are protected from hackers, scammers and criminals.

End-to-end encryption is a source of disagreement between companies and governments.

In September, the British government urged Meta not to switch to end-to-end encryption on Instagram and Facebook without first taking the necessary measures to protect children from sexual abuse.

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