A tight candidate – a list of gifts that has a serious chance to save you nerves around Christmas shopping

Every year in mid-January, sites like eBay get clogged with second-hand listings.

Fryers and juicers are looking for a new owner, and recipients of bad Christmas gifts release them at half price. It's not just Americans who trade their Christmas surprises. And Europeans are starting to power resale sites soon after New Year's Eve. Judging by the popularity of Facebook groups for offers "second hand" in Bulgaria, Bulgarians have also studied the secrets of the post-New Year's Alish-Verish.

We don't know, there may be a thrill in making some small money from a failed gift. But if you don't want to make or receive bad gifts, check out some good ideas:

General Council 1: Enough with the things, it's time for gifts - experiences.

If you ask an owner of an undersized two-bedroom, he will certainly make a good argument in favor of buying experiences: unlike things, they do not take up space. Beyond the joke, experiences have much more serious merits, and most of us are convinced of them. With experience, you can make someone's dream come true, they create memories, and this is always more valuable than a mega collar bag. In addition, experiences can be shared with loved ones, and our brain generously releases dopamine when waiting for an activity it associates with pleasure. Psychologists also believe that physical gifts delight people for too short a time. Compare yourself what will make you smile more and longer – the expectation to fly in a balloon or a new sweater?

Let's not forget that with your experience in the "original gift" column, and who does not want to pass for a very creative one?

Here are some mega cool gift ideas that are sure to delight your loved ones:

For mothers - cooking course with master chef or a special relaxing day with spa and massage! What mother would not rejoice at such a gift!

For fathers - let them come out of the cliché of "homemade brandy" with a voucher for tasting wine, whiskey, rum, beer and even brandy. Tastings are among the most popular experiences you can give with a voucher!

For the beloved – if he likes adrenaline for him are the classic adventures such as flight are paratrike, parachute jump or bungee. To make it even different, why not give him a driving or drifting lesson until two pairs of tires break on a special track?

For the beloved - a surprising journey for the beloved woman is always a welcome gift. You can combine the trip with an adventure in the area such as a balloon flight or a dive into the sea. If the lady of your heart does not like adrenaline, give her fun with friends in an art studio, a music lesson, an aromatic massage or a special photo shoot.

If you do not know what to choose for them or for a friend, you can always give an experience by buying a voucher for an amount. Gift Tube is ready with over 800 entertainment offers that everyone can choose for themselves in the next year.

Already wrapped gift

The best thing is that the gift comes already wrapped with the most beautiful packaging on the market - original and beautiful tubus.

So, all I want for Christmas is to enjoy it by delighting those closest to me with exciting gifts. And to get...

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