The pace of Hong Kong's economic recovery after the epidemic has not been satisfactory, and the Hang Seng Index has fallen to nearly 16000,2021 points recently, and many people are pessimistic about Hong Kong's prospects! Zhou Kaixuan, co-founder of Harbour Investment, revealed that Li Ka-shing, the founder of Cheung Wo Department, told her as early as <> that the future of the economy is "full of mountains and rains", and it is advisable to extend the reserve funds.

Zhou Kaixuan met with reporters after attending a forum. She laughed that Li Ka-shing was by her side at that time, "I was a little surprised when I talked about it every day", and Zhou Kaixuan even said that Brother Cheng reminded: "You (Victoria Harbour Investment) have a lot of portfolios (investment projects), if you don't do a good job of extending Runway Capital (Life Cycle Capital) before December 2021, it will be very pitiful."

Although my colleagues were not aware of the seriousness of the problem at the time, they decided to call on all companies to extend their spare funds, and 80% of the companies heeded the advice to extend their life cycle capital by 24 to 36 months to "save their lives." It's already a shame in 2022, and I don't want to hear about companies downround!"

The economy is still on a cautious course"

She explained that Li Ka-shing's view proves the importance of counterfactual thinking, "It is not easy for Mr. Li to point out the line between time and death, so it is important whether there is a certain number of voices or not, otherwise I have time to share with everyone and hassle to find opportunities in the sand on the sidelines"

As for when Li Ka-shing thinks it will be "another village," Zhou Kaixuan said he did not mention for the time being, "as if he is still on a cautious line." She pointed out that foreign investors still have reservations about Hong Kong, and should be cautious at present, and "take care of themselves" in Teochew dialect.

As for the lack of liquidity in the stock market, she said that there is no specific meaning in discussing the single-day high and low now, and the most important thing is not to "Get Stuck", "Are we Stuck? If not, it doesn't matter if it's just a transition period, and Stuck is just the beginning of a nightmare."

Zhou Kaixuan advocated that the government set up an official to explain the reason for Li Ka-shing's confidante Zhou Kaixuan appeared at the dinner at the age of 63