The head of the Wajir Region, Fatma Missa, said the regional leadership has joined with the Revenue Authority (TRA) and other business institutions in the region to find the best ways to create a special force that will tackle the chronic businesses who have become a nuisance to pay taxes.

"I take this opportunity to encourage businesses in the region of the region that have been paying taxes voluntarily, of course you see a lot of tax benefits, the progress is higher than in previous years, and I congratulate TRA on the professionalism."

Reporting tax collections in different years, TRA Manager said the region has continued to progress and exceeded the percentage of the amount collected and within the quarter of the 2023/2024 financial year 98% of collections have been achieved.

He said that the relations of TRA traders and workers have improved, and voluntary tax payments have increased and there is no closure of the business shops while tax education continues to be provided regularly to businesses.

On behalf of the TRA Headquarters, Ramadan Sengati, the problem of using the loopholes to evade taxes in the Morogoro Region is still very high, smuggling activities by traders using Lake Victoria to smuggle goods or illegally import goods are still very high so the government should increase the strength of the force made up of the regional chief.

However, he said that the arrival of a cargo ship that will make its way to the East African region via Lake Victoria will increase the scope of collections as the lack of a large cargo ship has been a major challenge for countries around the region to be unable to bring goods and pay for the region's revenue.