The main priority in the context of capital investments, in addition to supporting defense capabilities, should be investments in energy efficiency. This opinion was expressed in his blog by energy expert and entrepreneur Alexander Katsuba.

The expert writes that large cities and communities should focus on the following tasks: decentralization of heat production, including through heat pump technology. modernization of water supply and sewerage systems; investments in energy modernization of residential buildings. In addition, right now it is possible to pay special attention to ecological sorting and ecological incineration of garbage, primarily household waste of large cities. Which is also an alternative source of energy and reduces the environmental burden on cities, writes Katsuba.

This will significantly reduce the consumption of electricity and heat, make social infrastructure - schools, hospitals, housing - less dependent on centralized supply. Which, in the conditions of Russian missile terror, will be relevant until the end of the war.

Such a policy is also expedient because even now, grant organizations and credit institutions that finance environmental initiatives allocate money for such energy saving projects, Katsuba sums up.

Oleksandr Katsuba is a Ukrainian entrepreneur, energy expert, owner of ALFA GAS.