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The government adopted changes to two regulations introducing a standard charger in Bulgaria. The amendments stem mainly from an EU Directive introducing the long-awaited requirements for a standard charger.

The changes apply to all mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, handheld video game consoles, portable speakers, e-readers, keyboards, mice, portable navigation systems, laptops and more.

The European Union's goal is to make the USB type-C charger the single charging standard for devices. New obligations are also introduced for manufacturers, importers and distributors, who will have to indicate through a special pictogram whether the new devices are sold with a charger or not. The changes need to increase consumer convenience, as well as reduce waste electrical and electronic equipment in the context of resource efficiency and the transition to a clean circular economy.

According to the European Parliament, the new requirements will put an end to the so-called "Lisbon Treaty". technological "dependency" in which consumers become dependent on a specific producer. Of the 33 different chargers only for mobile phones 8 years ago, when the Parliament approved the Bulgarian idea of Gergana and Solomon Passy for a single charger for mobile phones, today we have no more than 3.

From 2024 - the same chargers for all small and medium-sized mobile devices

The idea of the common charger was launched first in "24 hours" Gergana and Solomon Passy on May 29, 2008 with the article "EU, GSM and USA". With it began the initiative for standardization of all chargers for mobile phones.

An important clarification is that the regulation will not cover wireless charging, which is gaining increasing popularity among new mobile phone models.

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