Farmers will soon receive more funds for Ukrainian aid, after the ceiling for support has already been updated. This is what the Minister of Agriculture and Food Kirill Vatev told the Management Board of the State Fund Agriculture, who approved at today's meeting the amendment to the instructions for granting state aid "Aid to support the liquidity of farmers to overcome the negative economic impact of Russian aggression against Ukraine" for 2023.

According to the changes from 250,000 euros to 280,000 euros, the ceiling on assistance under the Temporary Framework for State Aid Measures in Crisis Support in Support of the Economy after Russia's aggression against Ukraine is updated. This happened after a series of talks between Minister Vatev and European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski. "The budget is available and will be repaid," Minister Vatev commented.

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The payment will also take into account the support that the applicant has received from March 2022 to December 2023 under the State aid scheme.

The new ceiling of 280,000 euros will be applied to the already last admission under the scheme. By 20 December 2023, farmers who have reached the payment ceiling since the previous notification – up to EUR 250,000 – will receive an additional payment under the state aid, according to the approved amendments.

On 21.11.2023, the European Commission published a Communication from the Commission amending the Temporary Framework for State Aid Measures in Crisis Support to Support the Economy following Russia's aggression against Ukraine. In this regard, on 21.11.2023, the State aid scheme was renotified with a new number in the State aid register (SA. 110212), the period of application of the aid was extended to 30.06.2024 and the maximum aid intensity was increased to EUR 280 000, subject to the amendment of the Temporary Framework. On 29.11.2023, the European Commission approved the amendment of the State aid scheme, issuing a positive decision by the EC services on the compatibility of the measure with State aid rules.

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