MPF investment recorded a positive return last month, with an investment return of about 11.4% in November, the best monthly return since January this year, and the year-to-date return of the MPF returned to positive. In Hong Kong dollar terms, it is estimated that the investment income in November will be about $13.1 billion, i.e. an average return of about $11,439 for the 469.9 million MPF members, bringing the cumulative investment income to about HK$400.131 billion year-to-date, equivalent to an average cumulative investment return of about $2,800 per member.

The average return per capita year-to-date is 2800,<> yuan

After taking into account contributions, the MPF Ratings estimates that the total assets of the MPF as at end-November were about $11.1 trillion, while the average account balance of members was about $11,236 (an increase of about $800,11 in November and about $10,200 year-to-date), which is the highest level since the end of August 12.

U.S. equity funds were the best-performing asset class in November and the first 11 months of the year, with a monthly return of 11.9% and a cumulative return of 01.19%. The performance of the US stock fund in November alone was about 02.11 percentage points higher than that of the China-Hong Kong Equity Fund in the same month, which also caused the return gap between the two funds to reach 8.81 percentage points during the year, which was also the second largest return gap between the two stock markets in the first 31 months since the establishment of the MPF.

U.S. equity funds are the best performers

The difference in returns between China-Hong Kong equity funds and U.S. equity funds underscores the importance of diversification. Compared with other MPF mixed-asset funds, DIS funds invested relatively more in US equities and less in local equities, resulting in the best monthly return of 11 in November.

MPF Ratings Chairman Francis Chung said that after three consecutive months of decline, the stock market rebounded strongly in November to bail out MPF members, leaving the MPF with only one month left in the year to turn its year-to-date returns into profits.

He noted that investors in DIS funds not only benefited from the stock market rally in November, but also continued to deliver risk-adjusted quality returns over the long term with its diversified and low-fee portfolios. The MPF ratings re-emphasise the importance of long-term and diversified investments. For the vast majority of MPF members, DIS funds are an ideal tool to help them meet their long-term retirement needs.

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