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Representatives of the European Union and the European Parliament announced that they have reached an agreement to end the practice of large retail chains destroying clothes they have failed to sell.

An exception is envisaged for small companies, as well as a transit period of implementation of the ban, which applies to medium-sized firms.

By the end of 2025, separate collection of textiles should be introduced in Bulgaria

Major chains must start implementing the restriction on the destruction of clothing within two years of it coming into force. For this to happen, the new regulation must be formally approved by EU countries and the European Parliament, but it is believed that this decision will certainly be adopted.

In May 2022, the European Commission proposed changes that provide for the longer use of a number of products, as well as the introduction of lighter rules for their recycling. The aim of this proposal is to limit the consumption of resources, including energy products and water.

The agreement, reached at dawn today, provides for the EC to have the right to introduce bans on the destruction of other products in the future.

The Commission will be able to adopt decisions that are binding on EU countries. They will be able to introduce requirements for more environmentally friendly ways of producing, using and disposing of a number of products. These include furniture, car tires, detergents, paints and other chemical products.

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