Inspections have begun to prevent the sale of pyrotechnic products without the relevant permits in the shops in Shumensko, the press center of the Regional Directorate (OD) of the Ministry of Interior announced.

The purpose of the inspections is to establish whether the proposed products comply with the safety requirements, and it will be monitored whether the products commercially available in the region have a quality certificate, whether they are not available in damaged or torn packages and whether they have instructions for use in Bulgarian.

Actions have also been taken to stop the unauthorized sale of pyrotechnic articles in places where they are not allowed to be offered, including markets and markets, the press center of the police in Shumen said.

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The law explicitly prohibits the throwing and ignition of bombs, firecrackers and other blatant fire-hazardous goods in public places and warns that buying such products from unregulated traders may pose dangers, the most risky being those with various defects or expired.

Police officers will also monitor whether the ban on the sale of fireworks of category F1 - for customers under 12 years of age, of category F2 - for minors and of category F16 - for minors, is observed, the press center of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior - Shumen added.

The General Directorate of Market Surveillance at the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance has launched the traditional national campaign "SAFE CHRISTMAS 2023", which will continue until December 20. The aim of the campaign is to ensure the safety of consumers, focusing on three groups of products - children's electric toys, electric light garlands and pyrotechnic articles of categories F1, F2, F3, T1 and P1.

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