The National Bank of Ukraine has set the official exchange rate for Tuesday, December 5. The cost of the dollar is UAH 36.53 - this is 7 kopecks. less than the previous day's course. The euro increased by 6 kopecks, and - by 2 kopecks.

This was reported by the NBU.

Dollar exchange rate

Euro exchange rate

PLN exchange rate

Dollar exchange rate in banks

Euro exchange rate in banks

Zloty exchange rate in banks

In exchange offices, the dollar is sold for an average of UAH 38.00. Buy for 37,20 UAH. For euros, exchangers offer 40.50 UAH. They sell for 41,00 UAH.

As reported, Ukrainians purchased a record amount of dollars - in October, currencies worth almost $ 740 million were bought. There was more only in February 2014. What is happening in the market, what to expect next, whether it is worth investing in foreign currency, what is now more profitable: euro, dollar, or there are other options, read in the weekly analytical project of the website.

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