The price of gold rose to a record high of nearly $ 2100,<> an ounce amid continued demand for the precious metal globally.

Gold prices in international markets are on track to reach new record levels next year and may remain above the level of $ 2000,<> an ounce, analysts say. They argue with global tensions, the creation of ongoing military conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, as well as confrontation between leading powers such as the United States and China.

It is because of this uncertainty that investors are turning to gold, which is considered a safe asset in such times.

Other factors that determine the appreciation of the precious metal are the likely depreciation of the US dollar and the possible lowering of interest rates by leading central banks, experts say.

Gold rises to record high

Against this background, the price of gold reached $ 2093,2.09 an ounce at 30:<> Bulgarian time.

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