The first phase of YOHO WEST of Tin Shui Wai Light Rail Tin Wing Station, jointly developed by SHKP (0016) and MTR (0066), sold 2 units in the first round today (350nd), with a discounted price ranging from 299.96 million to 1.098 million yuan.

Ms. Chan bought a one-sided three-bedroom kitchen unit for her son to live in. (Photo by Li Mingzhu)

The "filial piety" mother bought 770 houses for 3.<> million yuan and gave it to her son

The target customers of the project are mainly those who change houses in the same district. The buyer, Ms. Chen, said that she bought a one-sided three-bedroom kitchen unit with a view of the garden, and spent about $770.1 million. Ms. Chan lives in Park Wai Mansion, opposite Yoho West, and recently sold out her <> small unit and turned to the new Yoho West.

Ms Chan found the price of the flat attractive and the developer was Sun Hung Kai, which has quality assurance and preferred the design of the unit and the clubhouse leisure facilities. She also pointed out that the flat would be given to her son, who was still studying, for his own occupation.

Regarding the future trend of property prices, she said that she did not think too much about it because of the need for residence.

Mr. Yuen came to Hong Kong with the help of "Gao Cai Tong" and spent 6 balls to buy a three-house house. (Photo by Li Mingzhu)

Mainland professionals buy three houses for 600 million

The Government has introduced various measures to attract talents from the Mainland. Mr. Yuen, who came to buy a house with a small family, said that he had just arrived in Hong Kong from the mainland through the "Gao Cai Tong", and this time he spent about 600 million yuan to buy a three-bedroom unit with an area of about 500 square feet.

He believes that the main reason for choosing YOHO WEST is that it is convenient for children to study, because there are many schools to choose from in the vicinity of Tin Shui Wai, and the units are affordable and well-equipped. In addition, the Government has earlier introduced a spicy reduction measure for professionals, which has also benefited them and saved a lot of tax revenue. As for the market outlook, he hopes that more professionals will come to Hong Kong in the future, which will drive the property market up.

On Saturday, the first round of 350 units was put on sale, with an entry price of 299.9 million yuan

The 350 units sold in the first round of sales, including the units in Price List Nos. 1 to 3, covering one-bedroom to three-bedroom suites with working bays, were sold at discounted prices ranging from HK$299,96,1 to HK$098,82,10 and discounted prices per square foot ranging from HK$000,16 to HK$701,3. Among them, the admission unit is Unit A5 on the 9th floor of Block 295A, with a saleable area of 299 square feet, and a discounted price of HK$9.10 million, or HK$166,<> per square foot.


↓↓Room A2, 36/F, Block 1A, has been modified and renovated as a show unit↓↓


↓↓ Unaltered Show Flat in Room A2, 36th Floor, Tower 1A↓↓


CITIC Pacific Tai Hang Road Mansion Named Junyu Jardine's Hill 114 units, the thinnest two-bedroom 434 square feet, Tianrong Station YOHO WEST pushed 350 units on Saturday and intercepted 18436,51 votes Overpurchased more than 3 times two years ago, the price per square foot was 72,350, the price of crocodiles was 1,5, the price of crocodiles was 41,9, the price of crocodiles was 660,<>, and the price of Crocodile Bay nanodisks was <>,<>, and the buyers finally abandoned the purchase and lost the deposit of <>,<> Tianrong Station, YOHO WEST sold <> units on Saturday, and temporarily received <>,<> tickets Overpurchased <>.<> times, and the average transaction price of Xiaobaifeng in Changsha Bay was <>.<> million