The announcement was made by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at the United Nations Climate Conference (COP28) in Dubai.

Methane, the biggest cause of climate change after carbon dioxide, is a big place at this year's conference. On Saturday, China, the United States and the United Arab Emirates will hold a joint summit on methane and other greenhouse gases as well as carbon dioxide.

In 2021 and 2022, the United States announced proposed standards in this regard. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency then received "more than a million" public comment and said it had consulted with a large number of actors.

The final standards, announced on Saturday, will allow methane emissions to be cut by 58 million tonnes between 2024 and 2038, the agency said. That's equivalent to 1.5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide, roughly "equivalent" to carbon dioxide emissions from the U.S. energy sector in 2021.

The U.S. states have given two years to present the Environmental Protection Agency with plans to cut those emissions.

Overall, methane emissions from the sector projected for 2038 without action will be reduced by 80 percent thanks to the new standards, the agency estimates.