"All expectations are for a very good winter season. In winter, besides skiing, we also have balneo and wellness, cultural tourism, "said the director of the Institute for Analysis and Forecasting Rumen Draganov in the show "This Saturday" on bTV.

According to him, the winter season will be better than last year.

A strong winter season is expected.

"In January, we had 700,000 entered from abroad, which had not happened in 2019. The planes that come to Sofia are full of tourists. After the pandemic, people went to travel," Draganov said.

"Students are quite practical and rational. They rent a villa, no matter how long, but when they divide it into 25 people, they get a lot of money. Some establishments allow alcohol to be brought in from outside. Some students have throwaways and get caught in some more expensive extras," he added.

Ilyin Dimitrov was born in 1983. He completed his secondary education in high school with teaching for the winter season: We have 27% more tourists than last year

Despite the warm weather we had, the season is going well, he said.

According to him, the covers for the student holiday are 50% cheaper than those for the New Year. "They are profitable about 30-40 leva," Draganov explained.

Looking forward to the holidays: What are the prices?

"The foreigners are very pleased. In Greece it is much more expensive than in our country. 1.2 million Bulgarians go to Greece and 1.2 mln. Greeks are coming to Bulgaria," he said.

"The most important thing is that tourists trust only merchants who work in the light and can be identified, and not make a reservation through social networks, as we see. Very often there is fraud when the control bodies cannot intervene, "said Gabriela Rumenova from the platform "We the users".

Gabriela Rumenova: Check the tour operator and accommodation before booking for the holidays

"If we make a reservation through tour operators or travel agent, we must check if it is registered. We can do this on the website of the Ministry of Tourism, where there is a register of these companies. We need to check whether there is a valid insurance – professional liability, "added Rumenova.

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