The prices of the main grain commodities on the world stock exchanges are moving in a divergent way this week, according to experts from the Sofia Commodity Exchange.

The fob price of Chicago bread wheat after several declines is now adding $7 to $250 a tonne. In France, wheat fell by 3 euros to 223 euros per ton, in Ukraine it remained at its old price of $ 195 per ton, and Russia decreased for the second time by $ 20 to $ 230 per ton.

The movement in corn follows a downward trend - in the US the price fell by $ 4 to $ 209 per ton, in France - by 2 euros to 198 euros / ton, and in Russia for almost a month it has been trading at $ 228 per ton.

The price of barley in Ukraine remains at $ 165 per ton. Rapeseed on the Euronext exchange increased to 14 euros to 450.75 euros per tonne.

The price for unrefined sunflower oil on the Rotterdam Stock Exchange is unchanged at $965 per tonne. The price of refined sugar for delivery in March 2024 collapsed by $29, reaching $717.10 per tonne on the London Stock Exchange.

On the Sofia Stock Exchange, trading in the grain subcircle in November brought corn deals, immediate delivery (DAP) of BGN 300 / ton, but now there was only an offer of BGN 365 - 370 / ton. The quotations sold for bread wheat are at 479 BGN/ton, also for immediate delivery (DAP), those for feed wheat are at 390 BGN/ton from place. Oilseed sunflower from the place is sought at a starting price of 660 BGN/ton, and the supply is 740 BGN/ton. All prices are without VAT. In the subcircle "Grocery" the prices of the main goods are stable, the supply of white flour at starting prices of BGN 890 / ton and white refined sugar at BGN 1940,1 / ton continues, as well as oil in bottles at BGN 95.<> / l.

The trade of UBB this week traditionally passed under the sign of energy: there were deals for gasoline A95H from 2208.33 to 2260 lev / thousand liters. Diesel fuel B6 in the range of 2250 – 2330 BGN/thousand liters, diesel fuel E5 from 1978.93 to 2360.53 BGN/thousand liters, gas oil for the PKC in the range of 2108.55 to 2379.23 BGN/thousand liters, and LPG per 1000 - 1050 BGN/thousand liters were also sold.

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