Ukrainians should definitely not be afraid of a sharp fluctuation in the exchange rate.

This was stated on the air of "1 + 1" by Doctor of Economics Andriy Dligach and told in which currency it is better to keep savings.

"There is definitely no need to be afraid. The NBU and the government have shown their ability to resist such risks as exchange rate fluctuations. It is about bringing the official exchange rate in line with the commercial rate," the expert said.

Dligach stressed that there is no shortage of currency in Ukraine now, neither in the National Bank nor in the economy, and therefore there will be no sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate.

"Of course, certain fluctuations will occur in the near future... The economy needs to grow, and this requires some liberalization. In numbers. This is not a natural process. The course itself will depend on what I will now say from the screen. If I say, for example, 41 and people get scared and run to buy currency, then it can be 42 or 43. In fact, there is no risk that the course will change significantly," he explained.

Dligach also advised you to keep your savings in the currency in which you pay and pay the utility bill.

"My advice remains the same as it has always been: keep your savings as a priority in the currency in which you pay, where you bear most of your obligations, on your loans or on the payment of the utility bill, or with help, We even make donations in hryvnias. Therefore, the hryvnia is still a priority," the economist summed up.

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