In connection with the rebranding, the telecom launches an exclusive TV package without analogue on the market

Vivacom announced the official rebranding of its satellite TV service, which becomes EON SAT. With this step, the company unites all its television services under the common EON brand, which has already established itself as a recognizable and preferred TV platform among the telecom's customers. In addition to the new name, logo, receivers and interface, the telecom presents 3 new TV EON SAT packages – EON SAT LIGHT, EON SAT FULL and EON SAT PREMIUM, which are at a promotional price of 1 lev per month for the first 2, 3 and 4 months respectively.

With EON SAT, customers will now be able to watch up to 3 TVs simultaneously and choose from 19,000 titles from EON Video Store, available via Smart TV Apple and EON Mobile. The EON SAT PREMIUM package has no analogue on the satellite TV market in Bulgaria. It comes with two EON SAT receivers and a Smart TV App. So users can watch over 155 channels, 20+ of which in HD quality, on three TVs at the same time, as well as get access to premium TV content – DiemaXtra, MAX Sport Plus, HBO, Cinemax, 7/8 TV. With the included Smart TV App and the mobile app, telecom customers across the country can now use the full functionalities of the innovative EON TV platform. All they need to do is be connected to the internet to watch rich TV content anywhere, anytime, on any device, go back up to 7 days, and choose from over 19,000 movies and series in EON Video Store.

"We are excited that it is on the eve of the most festive days of the year that we present our new satellite TV portfolio. The biggest advantage of EON SAT TV is that it can be used practically anywhere in Bulgaria. With the launch of the new TV packages, we reinforce our position that customers are the absolute priority for us and we continue to upgrade our products and services in an effort to provide the highest quality service on the telecommunications market in the country", commented Lubomir Malosselski, Director of Products and Services at Vivacom.

Vivacom users can also take advantage of attractive combinations of satellite TV EON SAT and home Internet with unlimited bandwidth with speeds up to 10 Mbps. EON SAT LIGHT, EON SAT FULL and EON SAT PREMIUM in combination with 4G Internet can be requested for 1 lev per month for the first 2, 3 and 4 months respectively, After that, the prices of the packages become 34.90 BGN/month, 38.90 BGN/month and 69.90 BGN/month.

More information about the new EON SAT packages from Vivacom can be found HERE.

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