Land Rover has unveiled an updated version of the Range Rover Velar. What exactly is the new Velar and what do we feel when we get behind the wheel?

Ever since its launch in 2017, Range Rover's Velar has proven to be extremely well positioned in the brand's range between the Evoque and Sport and has also become the bearer of the company's philosophy of imposing the new maximally clean reductive design. This is found with the naked eye in the new Velar, where changes in the exterior are delicate - a new front grille from which the line continues to the model's characteristic "floating" roof, the continuous midline running through the entire body and the removable door handles.

More accurate dose of design changes - new super-thin LED headlights shaping the sophisticated look of the front and a new rear bumper, complemented by dark accents under the doors and tailgate door. In other words, the new Velar looks great again, familiar, but also offers something new.

Similarly, designers acted on the interior layout, where the emphasis was on the new 11.4-inch curved touchscreen, which also gives the impression of a "floating" element. With this Velar solution, the model now offers the same convenience when working with the Pivi Pro infotainment system in the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, which in everyday life sounds extremely practical: with two taps on the display, you can access 80 percent of the available functions. And the change in display position ensures minimal light scattering and reflection.

The other elements of the interior that are important to Range Rover customers are also available - extremely high performance quality, exclusive materials, new upholstery and optimal placement of everything that is important to be within the driver's reach. Another accent - Velar maintains the trend of a leather-free interior, with the substitute carefully selected - wool from the Danish textile company Kvadrat, combined with Ultrafabrics polyurethane textile inserts and a new perforation motif Diamond Herringbone. Kvadrat blended woolen fabrics are 58 percent lighter than skin and provide a better touch experience part of Range Rover's contemporary luxury.

The new Velar also offers more colours, not just on board - two new exterior colours: blue and grey, whose exact designations are Metallic Varesine Blue and Premium Metallic Zadar Grey. Four new leather colour solutions appear in the interior: Cloud, Caraway, Raven Blue and Deep Garnet, plus the new Moonlight Chrome steering wheel colour. After all, in how many cars can you choose the color of the steering wheel?

Plus, the Velar is the quietest car in its class in terms of road noise thanks to the latest technology in this regard, including the innovative active noise cancellation system.

And of course, there are new and interesting solutions in the powertrain - the plug-in hybrid version of the Velar provides up to 64 kilometers of electric range, thanks to a battery with a new design and capabilities. And the options when choosing an engine and a drive system in general are the real luxury for fans of powerful and fast SUVs. In gasoline engines, at the top is the hybrid version P400e with a 2-liter gasoline engine with a total capacity of 404 horsepower, 640 Nm of torque, all-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Other versions are also interesting: with 250, 340 and 400 horsepower, the latter two being a mild hybrid with a 6-cylinder 3-liter petrol engine and with 480 and 550 Nm. Diesels also rely on 2- and 3-liter engines in the soft hybrid variant - the D200 has 204 horsepower, and the D300 - with a 6-cylinder engine, 300 horsepower and 650 Nm. Active suspension is standard on versions with 6-cylinder engines with a hybrid system, while electronically controlled air suspension is an option.

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