The Ministry of Agriculture and Food prepared and sent a notification of new state aid that will support farmers who cannot receive aid under the Temporary Framework for Liquidity Support as a result of the war in Ukraine. With this state aid, farmers will be compensated for the increased energy costs of production.

This was announced in a joint statement by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev as a member of the Management Board of the Association of Meat Processors and owner of and the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Food and Forestry Desislava Taneva, at a meeting of the parliamentary committee.

"In recent days, we have worked hard to find a talking point to cover the energy costs of the largest manufacturers. Together with experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, together with representatives of the two political parties GERB and MRF, we spent many hours and found a suitable formula, which was sent as a notification to the Ministry of Finance, "said Minister Vatev.

Minister Vatev: MAF is working a food trade law

Commission Chair Desislava Taneva informed that this new specific state aid covers energy costs under the new State Aid Regulation, which resolves one of the points of the Memorandum signed between the Prime Minister, the Ministers of Finance and Agriculture and the farmers protesting about a month ago. She said that dialogue, competence and expertise are the only possible tool to solve the identified problems.

Minister Vatev specified that the funds are provided for in the budget for 2023, the press center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food announced.

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