The price of natural gas in Europe fell by 1.40 percent at 12:46 Bulgarian time compared to the closing quotes last night. This is according to the latest data from the London stock exchange ICE.

December futures at the TTF hub in the Netherlands traded at 42.17 euros per megawatt hour, or about $462 per 1000,42 cubic meters. Metres. This morning, the exchange opened at a price of 05.42 euros per megawatt hour, while yesterday closed at 77.<> euros per megawatt hour.

Bulgargaz proposes gas to rise by 8% in December

Data from Europe's largest gas exchange showed the price fell in each of the days since Nov. 23, when the exchange closed at 46.83 euros, or more than $514 per 1000,<> cubic meters. Metres.

At Balkan Gas Hub, the price of natural gas with a delivery day for today fell by 0.37 percent to BGN 77.13 per megawatt hour compared to BGN 77.42 per megawatt hour yesterday. Transactions with a delivery day for tomorrow are made another 0.62 percent down compared to today's price - BGN 76.65 per megawatt hour. In the intraday segment there is also a decrease - from 1.60 percent and blue fuel with delivery for today is sold at a price of 76.02 leva per megawatt hour.

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