Natural gas will rise by about 7.5 percent next month.

This became clear during the open meeting of the energy regulator, which discussed Bulgargaz's proposal in December to sell blue fuel for about BGN 87 per megawatt hour - without fees and charges.


It should be noted that despite the sharp cold snap in the last week, which has spread across Europe, not only Bulgaria, the price of natural gas is not rising. The daily prices of natural gas are decreasing on the Dutch Gas Exchange largely due to the fact that gas storage facilities throughout Europe are filled everywhere over 90% and although it is withdrawn from them, as by the way Bulgargaz draws from Chiren at the moment, but the gas storage continues to be over 90 percent charged, "said the chairman of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission Ivan IvanovIvan Ivanov Ivan Ivanov was born in 1975 in Sofia. Shumen, graduated from high school in Plovdiv. Shumen in the "Nikola Y..

EWRC discusses the proposed higher price for December

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Ivan Ivanov

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